Saturday, 1 April 2000

Vanity Star

Vanity Star is the third demo released by Ansellia.

Released: 1st April 2000
Recorded: 27 March - 1 April 2000
Studio: Anvil Studio, Piliscsaba
Genre: Grunge
Label: None
Producer: Ansellia
Singles: None
Music: Attila Wind
Lyrics: Attila Wind

In 1999 both Bálint Hamvas and Attila Wind finished the secondary school and they spent the summer with rehearsing at home. In autumn 1999 Hamvas started a two-year course at the Budapest Business College, while Wind started studying economics at the Szolnok College. Wind was persuaded by his parents to pursue a career in business life. However, it was clear for Wind, that business would not be his favorite subject. He left the college in January 2000 and he started preparing for tests to enter the Eötvös Loránd University to study English and Italian languages. During his preparation for the language exams Wind had plenty of time playing the guitar. He enthusiastically learnt playing songs from one of his favorite bands Nirvana. From February to March he composed numerous songs and he developed his composing skills very fast. In March the band decided to record the new songs during the spring break.

Live performances

Track listing

Attila Wind - vocals and guitars

Technical staff and artwork:
Gábor Hamvas - band photo

Hamvas and Wind pictured in 2000 in Piliscsaba