Wednesday, 1 January 1997



Embraces of you sea
in my frozen fears
songs of stars're sung to me
in the lake of tears

Show me the way
Nadine, my swan
Don't fade away
Nadine, my sun

Wait for the day
Nadine, my swan
Don't stay away
Nadine, my sun

Would you cry for me?
Would you die for me?
My Nadine

Around my emotions
everlasting years
in our endless ocean
close to you and near


A lonely swallow
appears in the skies
underneath the leaf
an Arvensis cries

'tween the crimson sleaves
a caressing breeze
swings me to sleep
in the vernal freeze

Fall asleep
in shade of seeds
Fall through the skies
in morning rise

Fall for the girl
who sent me a pearl
fall into the sun
in cloudless dawn

You, masspromotion
mayhap in her eyes
am I orphan?
Bravest butterflies

Unto thee thyself
on Cynthia's wings
dear Clossiana
the queen of the spring